Cooking Stories Right on the Sidewalk! Times Hot Weather Beat is All in the Wrist

News was slow today. The weather was hot. You might even say it was hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk. Idea!

New York Times City Room blogger Andy Newman and Times photographer Karly Domb Sadof decamped from the ugliest building in New York to Times Square to see if they could in fact fry an egg on the sidewalk using a cast-iron skillet.

Just before 1 p.m. they joined forces with 77-year-old Benedicta Torres, who came in handy when it came time to sample the (spoiler alert!) uncooked egg. They had better luck cooking some tuna sashimi.

A “somewhat embarrassed photographer for USA Today” also dropped by to take some pictures. Embrassed for them? Embarassed by them? Embarassed that the best he could do on this, the hottest day since 1999, was take pictures of bloggers trying to cook breakfast on a manhole cover?

New York’s Finest, however, makes the most memorable cameo.

1:16. “What are you doing here?” asks a uniformed police officer. As if it’s not evident. We tell him, and ask if we’re violating the law. “Well, technically,” he says, “if someone runs you over, it’s on you, O.K.?” O.K.