David Cross Joins Will Arnett for Arrested Development Reunion

While the will they or won’t they status of the Arrested Development movie seems to change every month (current status: they will!), creator Mitch Hurwitz is doing his best to recreate the cult series on his new Fox sitcom, Running Wilde. There’s the premise — Will Arnett plays a spoiled and obstuse developmentally arrested oil heir — the sense of humor and now the cast. In addition to Arnett, Wilde has added former Arrested Development regular David Cross.

Cross is slated to play what’s described as a “radical enviromentalist” something which seems right in his wheelhouse. The part was played by actor Andrew Daly (Eastbound and Down) in the original pilot, but apparently his presence was no match for Hurwitz’s loyalty to Arrested Development. At this point, don’t be surprised if Keri Russell (the female lead) winds up being replaced by Portia De Rossi.

Of course therein lies the problem: Hurwitz is undoubtedly talented, but he hasn’t gotten anything off the ground since Arrested Development was canceled. And really, does trying to capture that lightning in a bottle again seem like the best course of action — especially since, from a ratings standpoint, it didn’t work in the first place? Yes, the cult of Arrested Development has grown exponetially since the show has gone off the air — if only all the people who say they love Arrested Development had actually watched the show, it would still be on the air — but that doesn’t mean fans will automatically embrace Arnett and Cross on Running Wilde. Some of the best AD moments came when Arnett’s Gob Bluth was paired with Cross’ Tobias Funke. If their pairing doesn’t live up to those lofty expectations — and, Inception-style, even loftier memories — how long will it take fans to revolt? If Hurwitz wants to do more Arrested Development, he should do more Arrested Development. Otherwise, maybe he should have left well enough alone.