Elsewhere: Manhattan’s Demographics; Deutsche Bank Tower Fight Goes On

Bovis Lend Lease and the Lower Manhattan Development Corp. are fighting over tens of millions of dollars in court over the Deutsche Bank building. 

Andrew Cuomo is still defending himself for raising significant money from those who do business with the state (and dropping his self-imposed $10,000 limit). 

For the first time in three decades, Manhattan has a majority white population.

Here is the formal request to oust Pedro Espada from the Democratic party, which says his “Democratic affiliation is based solely on a desire for personal gain.”

Chuck Schumer and Alfonse D’Amato are raising money for their own hopefuls in the state Senate.

A whole lot of people make more than $100,000 at the state’s public authorities. 

The Thruway Authority has apparently gotten better at monitoring prices at gas stations. 

Hakeem Jeffries will be hitting the subway stops in his district this summer.

A Tea Party-affiliated group is struggling to get signatures for Carl Paladino.

It’s really hot out, and it’s gonna stay that way for a while.