Times National Correspondent Interviews a Robot, Both Get Confused

In case the high-frequency whizzing in the audio track of The New York Times video of reporter Amy Harmon interviewing a robot, “Bina48,” kept you from watching, here’s more or less how it went.

Times: Hi, Bina.

Robot: Uhh, I’m glad to meet you.

Times: I’m glad to meet you too!

Robot: So where were we?

Times: I’m introducing myself. I’m Amy. I’m a reporter—

Robot: There is probably more to you than just that.

Times: Well, that’s true. I’m a mother!

Robot: Right on.

Times: Are you ready for a conversation with me?

Robot: Only with you? Ok, I will try to be ready for a conversation.

Times: Cool.

Robot: Ambiguous. Cold weather or cold sickness?