Wired’s Scott Dadich Becomes Conde’s iPad Man

scottdadichphoto Wireds Scott Dadich Becomes Condes iPad ManWired creative director Scott Dadich has added the title of executive director for digital magazine development at Conde Nast to his job desciption. He will be leading the company’s expansion on the iPad and other digital platforms, Staci Kramer reports, while continuing to manage Wired‘s presence on the iPad frontier.

Producing an app for the The New Yorker will likely be one of Mr. Dadich’s first undertakings, and Conde has plenty of other digital projects on its plate for him to wrangle as well.

Mr. Dadich’s second issue of Wired hit the iPad earlier this week, after his first issue outsold the magazine’s newsstand edition. Pricing (a dollar cheaper) and file size (smaller) on the second issue has been adjusted to keep numbers high.

The Observer ran into Mr. Dadich earlier this month and asked him about the potential for a sketchy blurring of lines between advertising and editorial during the app development process.

“I think because it’s such an early time frame that there is going to be a natural back and forth, that we’re going to spur each other on, the ad side and the edit side,” Mr. Dadich said. “There is still a clear distinction between church and state, there is no pay to play, and it’s entirely a separate organization as it is in print.”

Spoken like a corporate man!