Euphemisms For ‘Tweet’ In The Times’ Lebron James Twitter Roundup

How do you write an article about what happened on Twitter during Lebron James’ “Decision” without using the word tweet as a verbThe New York Times has some ideas:

James “added a post.”

His friends “chimed in.”

Chris Bosh and Shaquille O’Neal both “wrote.”

Charlie Villanueva “professed great insight.”

Tracy McGrady “was putting in his vote … when he wrote.”

Nick Collison “had a question.”

Andy Roddick “posted” and later “added.”

Chad Ochocinco “added his opinion.”

This is more fun actually. The article was called “Lots of Twitter Speculation, If not Proper Punctuation.” But if Twitter is newsworthy now, maybe it’s time to lose some of the punctuation baggage. That said, please keep mining the thesaurus.