Eye Opener: High Line Copycats, ‘The Art of the Pants Roll’

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Excavation at the World Trade Center uncovers an 18th-century ship, preserved within a “cocoon of ooze.” [NYT]

Other cities want to copy the High Line. [NYT]

Arts groups miss mayoral money. [WSJ] 

Brian Williams, whatta guy. Playing softball and buying drinks. [NYP]

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Angelina Jolie wants Anna Chapman at the Moscow premiere of Salt. [NYP]

Hiram Monserrate files to get his seat back. [NYT] 

Page Six John Paulson real-estate porn. [NYP] 

Now England has a problem with the Iroquois lacrosse team. [NYDN] 

Thursday Styles examines the “art of the pants roll.” [NYT]