Eye Opener: Paul Dano Will Never Tire of Milkshakes

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After cleanup, Whole Foods still not sure about Gowanus. [Courier-Life] 

Andrew Ross Sorkin on Hugh Hefner‘s Playboy buyback. [NYT]

Nina Garcia is now Target’s fashion expert. [WWD]

Fabulous Fab denies fraud. [NYT]

Loud Dobbs‘ daughter wins a substantial riding prize. [NYP]

The city has 8,000 unused desks, which is apparently a lot. [NYP]

UES townhouses may take a hit, following one dramatically low sale. [WSJ]

Bloomberg defends his staff’s right to mock Sarah Palin. [NYDN]

Natasha VC in WWD. [WWD]

Possible Ken Starr victim puts $30 million home on the market. [WSJ]

Slate does some debunking. [Slate]

Yale Repertory Theater receives $950,000. [NYT]

There Will Be Blood earned Paul Dano a lifetime of free milkshakes. [NYDN]

Facebook employees take loud late night shuttles! This bothers their neighbors! [AllThingsD]

The state’s standardized tests will become harder. [NYT]

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