Frank Bruni Thinks You Are Very Sweet But You Bore Him With Your Questions

“When I meet restaurant lovers, New York Times readers, and people familiar with my memoir, certain questions come up time and again,” writes Frank Bruni for The Atlantic. “I’m reproducing some of those questions, along with my usual answers, so that they’re more easily and widely accessible to anyone curious about these topics.” A helpful gesture from the oftbeleagured former Times critic, currently touring and feuding in support of his memoir’s paperback release!

Issues addressed include eating disorders and fame. Also:

Q: Where are you eating tonight?

A: In every city I visit, several people ask me this question, and it always makes me smile, because there’s usually such a local-pride sweetness embedded in it. The questioner wants to hear that there’s a local establishment I’m dying to try, or wants to know what about his or her city caught an outsider’s eye.

But my answer, usually, is, “I don’t know.” Or, “nowhere, really.”