Gawker Soldiers on, Despite 4chan

trench warfare Gawker Soldiers on, Despite 4chanGawker was indeed the victim of  a 4chan attack today. Valleywag editor Ryan Tate has written up what happened this afternoon—angry 4chan users overloaded Gawker’s servers around 1:30, slowing sites across the network. They also individually harassed several Gawker staffers, as well as Tate’s wife:

As the author of the post about yesterday’s attack, I got some nasty Facebook messages from angry 4chan users calling me various names and showing me the personal information they’d collected about me. Someone else sent my wife a porn video in a message that repeated “WE ARE LEGION” over and over, a slogan of 4chan offshoot Anonymous. Then, later in the day, someone wrote from the Facebook account of a stranger—a woman living in England judging by her friends—to inform my wife we’d been carrying on a torrid three-month affair.

Tate pledges to continue talking about 4chan and its /b/ board, “whether certain people hanging out on /b/ object to it or not.”

Another day, another heroic and selfless battle for the internet.

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