In Deed! City’s Only Humanistic Rabbi Buys Again

— Robert Pangia, partner at Leading Edge Management Consultants, has purchased a sizeable apartment at 500 Greenwich Street for the equally hefty pricetag of $6.2 million, $500,000 down from the initial asking price. The open-plan loft, all 4,407 square feet of it, includes four bedrooms and is located on the corner of the building. Mr. Pangia will be padding around the monster loft, which he purchased from an equity investment firm, high above the corporate offices on the floors below.

— In other news, New York’s only humanistic rabbi has popped up on city records yet again. Last week, The Observer reported that Peter Schweitzer had spent $2.5 million on two adjacent apartments on East 84th Street. He also recently sold a condo at 177 East 77th Street for $1.5 million.