In Deed! ‘Only Humanistic Rabbi,’ Dubya Secret Service Agent Buy

falkenbergobserver In Deed! Only Humanistic Rabbi, Dubya Secret Service Agent Buy — Residents of 401 East 84th Street, welcome New York’s self-proclaimed only humanistic rabbi to your bosom! Executive director for the Center for Cultural Judaism and writer for Moment magazine’s “Ask the Rabbi” column, rabbi Peter Schweitzer spent $2.5 million on two adjacent apartments in the Dunhill building.

Christopher Falkenberg, former special agent, Secret Service forgery and fraud squad member, protector of George W. Bush and security detail member during Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign (whew!), spent $3.4 million on a Central Park West co-op. Mr. Falkenberg owned—and sold—one other apartment in the building.

Editor’s note: This item reflects a correction made on July 27. Mr. Falkenberg sold the other apartment he owned in the building.