Interviewing Mona Simpson: Anywhere But a Crowded Starbucks

Today, The Times presents a valuable lesson: don’t try to offer Mona Simpson Starbucks.

“Ready for some coffee, Ms. Simpson asked a MoMA guard to remind her which floor the cafe was on. Gently, he pointed out that because the museum wasn’t yet open to the public, neither were its restaurants. She told him we just wanted a cup of coffee – clearly Starbucks was not an option, since she wrinkled her nose when he mentioned an outpost close by – and he recommended Connolly’s Pub and Restaurant, across the street on 54th.”

Ultimately they go to the Warwick.

The article follows Ms. Simpson as she visits MoMA’s Matisse show at 9:30 a.m. before the museum opens to the public. “I hate the crowds,” she told The Times.