Kanye West Raps For Facebook Staffers, Throws a Pie at Twitter

Kanye West performed songs off his forthcoming album Good Ass Job in the cafeteria at Facebook yesterday, for some reason. He did them a capella, and with force.

We’re trying to figure out why this happened, but in the meantime, here’s the video, where you can see Kanye standing on a lunch table in a snugly fitted suit while all the Facebook employees hold out their camera-phones, trying to capture the lifestyle. There is also a sad-looking plant, which against all odds contributes considerably to the atmosphere.

As Zach Baron points out over at Sound of the City, the rapper registers his displeasure with Twitter at one point– his beef with the microblogging service started when he discovered a Kanye imposter on there, and continued when Twitter users hurled racial slurs at him following the Taylor Swift incident– but if you listen to the beginning you can hear him deliver what’s either a shot at the entire internet age or a subliminal endorsement of Foursquare’s mission to use digital technology to enrich meatspace. “Lost in this plastic life,” he raps, “Let’s break out of this fake ass party / turn this into a classic night!”