Luke Russert Had a Non-Traditional Internship With Mayor Bloomberg

The New York Times filed a FOIA request with Mayor Bloomberg’s office to see how much of a role nepotism played in the mayor’s choice of interns. Today, after three months of waiting — The Times points out that the Mayor’s office could have been more cooperative — the results have been reported.

Lloyd Blankfein, Robert Moses and Neil Simon were all among those who sent a child, grandchild or stepchild to work with the mayor. Tim Russert’s son Luke Russert was another intern who probably got a little help finding his way to the top of the pile before taking an internship in 2007. From The Times:

Luke Russert, son of the “Meet the Press” host Tim Russert, worked at City Hall during summer 2007. In an interview, Mr. Russert said that he juggled two internships that summer — one at the mayor’s office, the other at NBC, working for Conan O’Brien.

“I did not have the traditional internship,” he said, quickly adding that when he was at City Hall, “I was like everyone else.”

Mr. Russert also insisted that he went through the application process just like everyone else.