Martin Scorsese Sued By Grifter-to-the-Stars Kenneth Starr

Martin Scorsese was sued for $600,000 this morning by Ponzi schemer Kenneth Starr, who was profiled last month by our own Max Abelson. Starr was arrested on 20 counts of wire fraud and one count of securities fraud in May, accused of bilking some $59 million from prestigious clients like Uma Thurman, Caroline Kennedy and Carly Simon.

Continuing our coverage of all things Scorsese: Court documents reveal that he had a deal to pay Mr. Starr five percent of his income for “accounting, bookkeeping, tax and other personal management services.” The $600,000 would represent unpaid fees on the $11.9 million earned between 2006 and 2010, and, according to a court-appointed receiver, that sum would go toward repaying Starr’s other victims. It’s unclear if the director lost any money through the alleged racket.

Later today, a judge put the lawsuit on hold until the conclusion of the criminal case. The Post ominously quotes the receiver as saying similar lawsuits will be handed down in the future and that they’ll be “interesting.”