McGeveran: Convey and the ‘Micks with Dicks Decade’

“What followed was a reversal of the Herald‘s small gains in British newspapering. The three men were obsessed with local politics, and put out a serious tabloid without all the “skin,” the news-you-can-use, the screaming headlines. “A mainstream, sober tabloid” is what Boston Globe columnist Mark Jurkowitz called the Herald at the end of the Micks With Dicks decade, when Kenneth Chandler returned to the paper as a consultant, in 2003, after a successful stint at the Post. What followed was a Sunday paper full of surefire diets, a Monday column called “Pop Porn” in a new section called “Edge,” and lots of sex and skin. The following year, the troika was split when Gully and Costello, who Purcell said had been “collectively” making decisions with Chandler, left the paper. At a going away party, Gully presented Chandler with a gag gift: a dried rattlesnake.” — Tom McGeveran writing for Capital about incoming Daily News editor Kevin Convey‘s tenure at the Boston Herald.