McMahon’s Campaign Announces Petition Challenge, Lawsuit, Against Indy Party Challenger

Congressman Mike McMahon’s campaign for re-election announced today that they had filed a petition challenge and a lawsuit against John Tabacco for the Independence Party line.

“I regret to have to take these affirmative actions but under our existing election law the only way these filings will get a line by line scrutiny is if we take this step,” Congressman McMahon said.

McMahon says that 402 of Tabacco’s 678 signatures appear to not be valid.

McMahon will be on the Independence Party line in the September primaryafter submitting more than 1300 signatures of Indy Party members, but his campaign hoped to avoid a costly primary for the right to run on the line in November.

Tabacco ran on the Indy Line for the City Council last year but was defeated.

He has recently been embroiled in an allegations that he paid the wife of the state party’s chairman $10,000 to earn the Indy Party endorsement.

McMahon did not get the Working Families line due to his “no” vote on health care, and his backers have seen him securing the I-line as crucial to his re-election prospects.