Meryl Streep Locks Up Another Oscar Nomination

As it turns out, Meryl Streep must have a bit of Lost‘s John Locke inside her: Don’t tell her what she can’t do! The sixteen-time Oscar nominee and current box office titan (another reason this summer stinks: No Meryl Streep!) is in talks to star as Margaret Thatcher in a biopic about the former British Prime Minister. Hey, if she can play Julia Child…

The untitled film would basically play out like Streep’s own personal version of The Queen, which won Helen Mirren an Academy Award at the 2007 ceremonies (a year when Streep was nominated for The Devil Wears Prada): Set in 1982, the film would follow Thatcher “as she tries to save her career in the 17 days preceding the 1982 Falklands War.” Spoiler alert: She does! Following the two-and-a-half-month conflict, Thatcher’s approval ratings more than doubled. Jim Broadbent is on board as Thatcher’s husband, likely because Jim Broadbent is contractually obliged to appear in movies like this.

The real surprise though: Phyllida Lloyd is directing. If that name sounds familiar, it’s probably because you’re one of the people who was lucky enough to sit through Mamma Mia! when it was released in 2008. We realize it’s chance for Streep to reteam with someone she clearly enjoyed working with, but does anything in Mamma Mia! portend to Lloyd being able to pull off a historical biopic? That thing is a fever dream gone disaster. We’re not saying Lloyd can’t pull it off—she does have a background in theater—but if you see Pierce Brosnan cast as one of Thatcher’s ex-boyfriends, don’t say we didn’t warn you.