Morning Read: Senate Sleepover

Senate Democrats didn’t leave Albany last night, after all.

Instead of retreating to their districts for a long weekend, there will be a 10 a.m. session this morning.

Governor Paterson said he’ll be vetoing today.

It could take awhile.

And the governor said he might revisit that hedge fund tax, after talking to Mayor Bloomberg.

The Times reports that a “veritable flotilla of special-interest bills is quietly floating through the Legislature.”

One bill requires shareholder approval before corporations can make political donations.

Former Councilman Kendell Stewart wasn’t sure what he owed in ampaign debt, so he asked City Hall News for the link to the Campaign Finance Board site.

An aide to Councilwoman Carmen Arroyo is accused of impersonating a police offer and stealing $4,000.

A Page Six source says Eliot Spitzer will run for mayor in 2013.

The financial reform bill passed the House yesterday.

The Senate won’t vote on it until next week.

Republicans didn’t have much success framing Elena Kagan as a liberal.

Most seem resigned to her being confirmed.

Kagan didn’t weigh in on Twilight.

Morning Read: Senate Sleepover