Noel Ashman May Be Bringing a Private Club to the West Village

Or so speculates Grub Street based on a bit of information the blog found on the agenda of Community Board 2–a pending liquor license for a place called Little Wisco, listed under “NA,” the name of Noel Ashman’s old club.

Little Wisco is located at 239 W. 4th St, the address of 58-year-old Fedora, which has been rumored to be closing. Previously, there was talk that Graydon Carter might take over the space, but his rep told Grub Street: “Graydon took a look at [Fedora] with Emil Varda from the Waverly, but he’s not sure what his plans are.” Meanwhile, Mr. Ashman has reportedly been looking to open a new semi-private club. The last piece of evidence? Actor Chris Noth, an investor in Mr. Ashman previous ventures, is from Wisconsin. Get it? Little Wisco?