Pioneering Women Prove They Too Can Be Sad Sacks

goon squad Pioneering Women Prove They Too Can Be Sad SacksYoking Bret Easton Ellis to Hot Tub Time Machine and The National, 36-year-old book critic Taylor Antrim reflects upon the cultural dominance of sad middle-aged white guys:

Imperial Bedrooms is not great, but in its better moments the novel contributes to our culture’s rich seam of aging slacker angst. Correction: aging male slacker angst. Aren’t there any bummed-out women past the age of 35 expressing their feelings?

There’s at least one: Jennifer Egan, 47, whose kaleidoscopic new novel-in-stories A Visit From the Goon Squad should cement her reputation as one of America’s best, and least predictable, literary novelists.

He praises Goon Squad, concluding that “the aging Gen-X boy’s club has been broken up a little, and Egan’s obvious empathy for her characters feels like a balm.”

Score one for the ladies, there.