Placing Bets on Sunday, Washington Post Installs a Features Czar

Marcus Brauchli has resurrected the role of “features czar” at the Washington Post and moved Kevin Sullivan, a recently returned foreign correspondent, into the role.

In an interview with Politico last week, Mr. Sullivan described his new position as advocate for the Style section and weekend magazine — to make sure the light stuff is also the good stuff. He also noted that the Sunday paper is the “anchor” of the Post franchise.”There’s still a lot of life in our Sunday paper,” he said, emphasizing that the weekend is one of the best battlegrounds for the Post to keep and win readers.

The Post is not the only paper worrying about the weekend.

Mr. Sullivan and his wife Mary Jordan, also a former Post foreign correspondent, returned to America last year after more than a decade reporting overseas so their children could experience American high school. Dave Kindred’s recently published book about the Post notes that foreign correspondent The New York Times Anthony Shadid left the Post because it had shifted its emphasis away from daily reporting on stories overseas.