Prokhorov Has Big Plans For the Nets, Big Russian Plans

In an interview today with fan blog NetsDaily, Mikhail Prokhorov previewed some of what we can expect from him as owner of the New Jersey Nets. 

Like everyone, he was disappointed that the team didn’t recruit LeBron James, but said he plans develop the team’s current players with coach Avery Johnson — a “killer coaching coach,” in his words. He also said he’s in “no rush” to find a president, meaning he may subscribe to the Steinbrenner philosophy of owner micromanagement.

He then went on to joke (probably) that his nationality will have a major impact on the team’s half-time shows.

We’re looking at hiring the Red Army choir to perform at half-time along with Russia’s top dancing bear collective. Not to mention the Russian spies recently sent back to Moscow. We will be organizing their comeback tour to Newark. I’m sure it will be a great hit.

Terrific. He said all this on his private plane, by the way.

[via The Sports Section]