ProPublica Pointy Heads Join the Cool Kids on Tumblr

officials ProPublica Pointy Heads Join the Cool Kids on TumblrNon-profit, Manhattan-based online news outfit ProPublica has jumped on the Tumblr bandwagon, joining the many other media organizations that have felt the need to represent themselves on the hip blog platform recently. Their Tumblr presence is the appropriately irreverent Officials Say the Darndest Things, in the style of those pullquote-only pages in Time and Newsweek.

ProPublica made headlines this year by becoming the first online-only news source to win a Pulitzer, which was awarded for their coverage of a hosptial’s end-of-life decisions during Hurricane Katrina. Their coverage is always solid, but not necessarily sexy, and you wouldn’t necessarily expect them to feel the need to be on Tumblr. Who’s next? Consumer Affairs? Thirteen?