Simon Johnson Smacks Around Tim Geithner Awfully Hard

Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner goes after Elizabeth Warren (allegedly, though who can really say), so Simon Johnson goes after Tim Geithner. Very hard.

On his blog Baseline Scenario, the M.I.T. professor and former I.M.F. official has chronicled what he sees as Mr. Geithner’s long career of failing upwards. It’s a 999-word takedown that stands as one of the most memorably brutal and bloody documents of the financial crisis.

Mr. Johnson on Mr. Geithner, in chronological order: “Badly mishandled,” “completely failed,” “embarrassing,” “comprehensively bungled,” “so completely and clearly unsuccessful,” “almost failed,” “stumbled badly,” “complete and obviously personal political disaster,” “too good to be true,” “rudderless,” “discrediting,” “blatant failure,” “distorted incentives,” “irresponsible,” “he had no plan really,” “fizzled,” “completely illusory,” “abused,” “simply needs to stop,” “a bad mistake,” “a firestorm,” “very weak,” “for naught,” “opportunistic and distrusted” and “a great survivor,” plus this last line: “If the Democratic leadership really wants to win in the November elections, they should think very hard about the further consequences of Mr. Geithner.”