Slate Welcomes Dave Weigel’s Socialist Ravings

slate Slate Welcomes Dave Weigel’s Socialist RavingsHere’s a curious coda to l’affair Journolist: though David Weigel was squeezed out at The Washington Post for appearing overly liberal in his posts to the off-the-record listserv, the Washington Post Company apparently has no problem with him writing for their online magazine Slate.

His story today, “Bouncers for the Tea Party,” is not at all left-leaning — in it, Tea Party officials come off as somewhat shrewd — but one would think that Weigel’s break with the company would be a little more final. After all, Post Executive Editor Marcus Brauchli said, at the time of Weigel’s resignation, “We can’t have any tolerance for the perception that people are conflicted or bring a bias to their work.” Maybe it’s just assumed that because most Slate readers are 50-year-old suburban liberals they won’t be offended by Weigel’s biases.

Just after leaving at the Post, Weigel secured another gig at MSNBC, where he serves as a “contributor,” and has written about the experience for Esquire.