Slideshow: How Do You Live, Eric Demby?

'[T]he things that I love the most are my records and record player. That's my little version of the man-cave over there. I'm also a long-time, amateur, not-very-good DJ. I start playing records at seven in the morning, and put on my headphones after Lo goes to bed.'

'The terrace is really something we treasure. There's so much sky. It's not just light, it's sky. There's something about really looking at the sky, like in the mornings, you can see the changing colors of the sky; at night the skyline is beautiful from a distance in a different sort of way, and you can see planes flying.'

'We definitely spend the most time here. It's the living room, kitchen and dining room. Loe's being fed half the time, so there's sort of this process of feeding her and reaching over and putting her onto her high chair.'

'The other favorite thing is that we feel settled.'


'Our daughter Loe was born June of 2009, when we had already lived in a one-bedroom rental on Pacific Street for six years. We loved it there, but it was too small. From the time she was three or four months old she got the bedroom and we were literally sleeping on an air mattress in our living room. We did it for nine months.'

'You don't know what it's like to inflate and deflate a mattress every night. It really is dehumanizing—it's hard to describe. You're so tired and you're like, "I have to inflate the bed before I go to sleep."'


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