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'We put [the apartment] through a lot of scrutiny just because of Anna, we wanted to make sure we were really in the right place. And it just felt right. Even though it's technically a one-bedroom, psychically it's much bigger because of the layout, the garden and just being so close to the park.'

All photos Peter Lettre.

'You sort of feel like Prospect Park is your front yard.'
'It's just my pride and joy. It's not the fastest bike in the world, but it has a very upright riding position, you feel very dignified when you're riding it. To me it represents where biking is going in New York—from zipping around in a fast track bike to something that's more like a toaster or a household appliance.'
'This bed over here is also handmade, by my cousin Joey down in Florida; it's very sturdy. And you can see teeth marks on the headboard from when Anna was teething last year.'

'It's also a living room in a way—the computer's there, and Anna is on her bike or eating. It's like at a good party: everyone always gravitates to the kitchen.'


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