Slideshow: How Do You Live, Paul Steely White?

  • 'We put [the apartment] through a lot of scrutiny just because of Anna, we wanted to make sure we were really in the right place. And it just felt right. Even though it's technically a one-bedroom, psychically it's much bigger because of the layout, the garden and just being so close to the park.'

    All photos Peter Lettre.

  • 'You sort of feel like Prospect Park is your front yard.'

  • 'It's just my pride and joy. It's not the fastest bike in the world, but it has a very upright riding position, you feel very dignified when you're riding it. To me it represents where biking is going in New York—from zipping around in a fast track bike to something that's more like a toaster or a household appliance.'

  • 'This bed over here is also handmade, by my cousin Joey down in Florida; it's very sturdy. And you can see teeth marks on the headboard from when Anna was teething last year.'

  • 'It's also a living room in a way—the computer's there, and Anna is on her bike or eating. It's like at a good party: everyone always gravitates to the kitchen.'