State Dems Knock Grimm For Knocking McMahon

The State Democrats just sent out a press release calling on NY-13 Congressional candidate Mike Grimm to apologize for telling The Hill  that if his opponent Mike McMahon “voted for the healthcare bill, Staten Island and Brooklyn, they would really have been marching like they were going for Frankenstein. There was no question. That was just not even an option. Physically he would have been in danger. It would have been that bad.”

Responded state chairman Jay Jacobs “It should go without saying that residents in Staten Island and Brooklyn deserve better than to be characterized as violent thugs in the press, let alone by Grimm, who’s seeking to represent them in Congress.  Grimm insulted the character of every man, woman, and child who calls Brooklyn or Staten Island home, and he owes each and every one of them an apology.”

McMahon was one of the few New York Democrats to vote against the health care bill, something that led to him not receiving the Working Families Party endorsement, which led him to seeking the Independence Party line, which led him to try to kick off his primary opponent from the IP ballot earlier this week.

Although most observers think that McMahon will hold on (Rothenberg lists it as one of its 88 “toss-ups,” but also as “Democrat favored”) his district did vote for John McCain in 2008.