Taking Lots of Pictures of Oneself No Longer Mortifying

Taking lots of pictures of oneself need no longer be a weird, furtive activity. Taking lots of pictures of oneself just shows that one is an able participant in the online social world.

The trusty Thursday Styles section today advises readers on the “art” of taking one’s own photo. Ex: “Don’t photograph yourself from below.” And: “Subtlety is key.” And, for those who have moved on to advanced topics: “Make the camera-phone your friend. … Its low-resolution quality is kind to wrinkles and blemishes, and it can even be upsized with Photoshop to improve its quality and clarity while still keeping its candid, on-the-fly look.”

The Times even consults Cindy Sherman on the question of digital editing:

The artist Cindy Sherman, who uses herself as a model for her intense tableaus, has recently become proficient at Photoshop. “I actually love it,” she said. “Instead of doing real makeup for the shoot, I’m adding it digitally. Of course, I’m adding wrinkles while most people are taking them away.”

So don’t worry about quitting iPhoto before a pal borrows your computer. All those pictures of your carefully nonchalant, imperceptibly retouched mug are no big deal. Cindy says it’s cool.