The Newsweek Sale Gets Political

Innocuous nonagenarian Sidney Harman might be an ideal owner (read: steward) for Newsweek, but what about his wife, California congresswoman Jane Harman? Her opponent, Republican Mattie Fein, has penned an open leter to Jon Meacham as a public service to the American press. Nothing political here:

As managing editor of a preeminent news magazine, you are saddled with a special responsibility to keep Newsweek from a hijacking to advance Congresswoman Harman’s personal and political agenda. Due diligence behooves you to examine her commitment to a free press.

It’s an adorable gesture of political mud-slinging. Ms. Fein insists that Ms. Harman has tried to kill stories in The Times and even threatened the paper with legal action under the Espionage Act. But we are confused why this letter would go to “Jon Meacham, Managing Editor, Newsweek Magazine.” Is he picking the buyer?

Politico has the letter.