‘This is a Big Story, America!’ Christiane Amanpour Gears Up For Her First Week

Christiane Amanpour will begin her tenure on ABC’s This Week Sunday, taking over from interim host Jake Tapper. By the looks of things, she’s rarin’ to go. Ms. Amanpour will kick things off with a “double exclusive,” featuring Speaker Nancy Pelosi (“by all accounts the most powerful woman ever in the United States”) and Defense Secretary Robert Gates. “This is a big story, America!” she said.

The Washington Post‘s Reliable Source column reported today that she will be staying with her family at a friends house in the capital. This fall, she will commute from her apartment overlooking Central Park in New York down to D.C. for the show each weeek. She spoke about what she would like to cover this afternoon on ABC’s Topline this afternoon.

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(via ABC News)