Three Brothers Take a Road Trip in a Mustang for Pataki

Can they only drive at midnight?

George Pataki announced today the start of a cross-country “Revere Rides Again” tour for his anti-healthcare legislation group, Revere America. Four brothers from Florida, all between the ages of 19 and 22, will travel through the Midwest and East Coast in a Mustang convertible collecting signatures in support of a repeal of the health care bill. The tour and its accompanying website — already equipped with social media integration and YouTube videos — seem to be designed to drum up publicity and support from young voters, who could be key in a presidential run by Mr. Pataki. 

The Wideman brothers, who with more hair and fewer polo shirts could pass for the Jonas Brothers, are called the “Young Reveres.” While they all list Orlando as their hometown on Facebook, each attended a different private high school, some in New York City: Chris, 20, attended Trinity before heading to Fordham, while Eddie (listed as Edmund Charles on Facebook) will be a senior there next year, according to Revere America’s press release. Matt lists Lil’ Wayne as a favorite musical act, while Chris prefers the likes of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Obama-haters: they’re just like us! 

In their first YouTube video, the brothers take a “man on the street” approach to collecting signatures and angry soundbites, with an ear for expletives. “I think it’s bullshit,” said a stocky young man wearing what looked to be a puka shell necklace. “Bullshit” was bleeped out.