Users Throw Condé’s Charity Case A Bone

Ask and you shall receive. Reddit, the Condé Nast-owned news recommendation site, announced today that it heard back from .1% of users — one in a thousand ain’t bad online — after it asked them to join a pay-what-you-wish subscription program last Friday.

“The bottom line is, we need more resources,” an engineer at the site wrote on Friday. Nearly 6,000 users signed up and donated at least some money since then. The engineers behind the site called the subscription program a “huge successs.”

The team won’t be able to more resources from Condé Nast until it demonstrates  the ability to generate revenue on its own. “Corporations aren’t run like charities,” the engineer wrote. “They keep separate budgets for each business line, and usually allocate resources proportionate to revenue. And Reddit’s revenue isn’t great.”