Viral Comedy Central Show Leads to Ailing Rankings for Stewart and Colbert

In the wake of all this Jezebel hullabaloo comes some hard data about the state of The Daily Show: THR reports that Daniel Tosh, host of Tosh.0, has surpassed both Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert to become the most watched host on Comedy Central.

This may come as a surprise to those who have never seen the show — and probably to most who have — but on Wednesday Tosh pulled Comedy Central’s best numbers in his time slot since Dave Chappelle, with 2.4 million viewers. On average, Tosh draws 2.2 million viewers, compared to The Daily Show‘s 2 million and The Colbert Report‘s 1.4 million.

There’s definitely an inclination to say that this may indicate Stewart’s lagging relevance, especially since this newly crowned king, Tosh, offers little more than forgettable commentary for YouTube clips. But, hey, it worked for America’s Funniest Home Videos.