Zuckerberg Makes First, Awkward Appearance With a Head of State

Faced with a budget shortfall that may cost 1.3 million Britons their jobs, the U.K. government has embraced a strategy used by struggling organizations all over the world: increasing its presence on Facebook.

Prime Minister David Cameron appeared in a video with Mark Zuckerberg today, soliciting solutions to the budget crises from The People. The video conference included a forced laugh from the prime minister at one of his own jokes and the grammatical oddity “your guys’s” from Zuckerberg.



On the whole, the commenters weren’t going for it, and lambasted Zuckerberg. “Facebook and Mr Z can help British democracy by staying out of politics,” wrote one. “He is really down with the kids,” said another, introducing trademark British wit into the equation. “hahahaha. Where’s mah baseball cap, guys!” said a third, though that last one might refer to Mr. Cameron, who was also hatless in the video.