A Suicide at The Virginia Quarterly Review

“The change quickly garnered both Mr. Genoways and [The Virginia Quarterly Review] notice from those at the literary world’s highest levels, winning the publication four National Magazine Awards and 14 more nominations, all of which it accomplished on a half-million-dollar budget … Meanwhile, people who knew [managing editor Kevin] Morrissey say he grew more and more despondent over the last couple of months of his life. He didn’t think his problems with Mr. Genoways would ever be resolved. And he also felt trapped because while he may have been a talented editor, he lacked a college degree. Mr. Morrissey had a $76,000-a-year salary at Virginia and owned a condominium in Charlottesville, both of which he feared he might never replace if he had to leave UVa.” — Robin Wilson writing for The Cronichle of Higher Education about the death of Virginia Quarterly Review managing editor Kevin Morrissey.