Al Smith IV Backs Sean Coffey, Knocks Kathleen Rice

coffey Al Smith IV Backs Sean Coffey, Knocks Kathleen RiceAccording to the Sean Coffey campaign, the attorney general candidate was endorsed today by Al Smith IV, the great-grandson of the former governor of New York.

And Smith seemed to display a little bit of his great-grandfather’s charm, introducing Coffey before an audience of his supporters at a midtown Manhattan restaurant, “Before I came here tonight, I looked up the words “rice” and “coffee” in the dictionary.  Rice is a bland staple, so if you want more of the same, vote for Rice.  But Coffey, it says, gives you a jolt of energy.  So if you want New York to have a jolt of energy, vote for Coffey.  I think the choice is clear.  Wake up, New York.  It’s time for Coffey.” 

Not bad, not bad Mr. Smith.