Al Smith IV Backs Sean Coffey, Knocks Kathleen Rice

According to the Sean Coffey campaign, the attorney general candidate was endorsed today by Al Smith IV, the great-grandson of the former governor of New York.

And Smith seemed to display a little bit of his great-grandfather’s charm, introducing Coffey before an audience of his supporters at a midtown Manhattan restaurant, “Before I came here tonight, I looked up the words “rice” and “coffee” in the dictionary.  Rice is a bland staple, so if you want more of the same, vote for Rice.  But Coffey, it says, gives you a jolt of energy.  So if you want New York to have a jolt of energy, vote for Coffey.  I think the choice is clear.  Wake up, New York.  It’s time for Coffey.” 

Not bad, not bad Mr. Smith.