Anna Wintour Grants Shocking Interview

anna wintour 01 Anna Wintour Grants Shocking InterviewAnna Wintour has given an explosive, revelatory interview to Opening Ceremony’s Humberto Leon!

Just kidding, it is almost aggressively boring. A selection of our favorite questions and answers:

HL: Ignoring budget and logistics, can you describe your fantasy FNO?
AW: Looking at the impressive lineup for this year, I think we are already seeing the fantasy being played out in reality.

HL: What’s your vision for FNO 10 years from now?
AW: That retailers and consumers will be inventing bigger and better ideas to celebrate fashion.

HL: Who do you think is New York’s #1 shopper?
AW: New York is a fashion-conscious city, and there are many anonymous shoppers who could claim that title.

HL: What influences your own sense of style?
AW: I think style should always be an expression of an individual’s personality and tastes.

Divulging this little interesting information is surely some kind of talent.