Barbara Walters Wants to Spin-Off The View With Boys

Barbara Walters and Bill Geddis, the executive producers and creators of The View, are planning a unisex version of the show. Frank DiGiacomo has a nice way of framing this in Gatecrasher: “Think of it as ‘The View’ — with balls.”

Ms. Walters and Mr. Geddis would like to produce the show, which will put men and women together on the couch, in Los Angeles and slide it into Oprah Winfrey’s afternoon slot, according to Mr. DiGiacomo’s source. These choices will make sure that the new show doesn’t compete with The View.

Here’s the talent wishlist.

Jacque Reid, former BET Anchor

E.D. Hill, who coined the Obama “terrorist fist jab” on Fox News

Alec Mapa, Filipino-American comedian from Ugly Betty

Bryant Gumbel, Today Show

Will the fifth seat go to a boy or a girl? We would say that there’s an opening at non-extremist white person, but that’s kind of over these days.