Been There, Done That: Walter Isaacson Won’t Edit Newsweek

Aspen Institute president Walter Isaacson, whose name has been thrown out as a possible replacement for Jon Meacham at Newsweek, told the Aspen Daily News that he isn’t interested.

Sidney Harman and Mr. Isaacson serve on the board of The Aspen Institute together, and Mr. Isaacson edited Time magazine in the mid-late ’90s, before leaving to become the chairman of CNN in 2001. “I’ve already edited a news magazine,” he told the Aspen Daily News.

“It is probably not the best return on investment you could get if you wanted to put your money somewhere,” Mr. Isaacson said of Mr. Harman’s purchase. “But it is the best psychic and civic investment you could get, which is saving one of the world’s best magazines.”

(via Romenesko)