Bill Ackman Gets Important Calls In Nantucket, Plays Mediocre Poker

Everyone already knew that the hedge fund manager Bill Ackman lives dangerously. Recall, for example, his tangos with Wendy’s, Spitzer, MBIA, Target, and also, when he tried to sell his 19th-floor, 11-room, four-bedroom, two-terrace Majestic co-op, his mother-in-law.

But two stories this week about Mr. Ackman have cemented his reputation. On Wednesday, my colleague Eliot Brown wrote about how Mr. Ackman became involved in the potential takeover of the massive Stuy Town and Peter Cooper:

In mid-July, Bill Ackman was relaxing on Nantucket when he got a call on his cell phone. On the other end was Michael Ashner, the CEO of Boston-based Winthrop Realty Trust. “They contacted me and said, ‘This is an interesting situation; would I be interested in being involved?'” Mr. Ackman recalled.

Today, Bess Levin of Dealbreaker has the news that Mr. Ackman played in a highly-anticipated World Poker Tour tournament to benefit his charity with Whitney Tilson (who blogs, apparently). Sadly, Mr. Ackman, along with David Einhorn and Mrs. Einhorn, did not play well enough to win the night’s top poker honors, which went to Mudrick‘s Jason Mudrick.