Bristol and Levi: Love-Sick Teen Caprice and the Making of Scoops

The Palins are People people. The Johnstons are Us Weekly people. The Clintons are undecided, but decidedly normal. Now that we’ve gotten that straight we, along with Politico’s Patrick Gavin, would like to know why Bristol Palin spoonfed People a scoop about her breaking off her engagement with Levi Johnston.

“The reason she came to me on Monday, when we spoke by phone, was because she felt like she could come to me,” [Sandra] Sobieraj Westfall said. “She did tell me that announcing their engagement on the front page of a magazine [Us’s late July cover story] was Levi’s idea, and she only found out about it two days before it happened.”

“In her own way,” she said, “she was trying to do the right thing.”

“This is one of the most contentious stories I’ve covered,” Westfall continued. “These are very bitterly estranged people.”