Burger King Honors New York By Creating All-Time Heart-Attack Champion

It’s either a punk rock approach to fast food innovation or an effort to slowly kill us all in the name of New York pizza. And burgers. It’s Burger King’s New York Pizza Burger and with it BK is taking an artisanal route to clogging arteries by putting four beef patties, pepperoni and mozarella on a sesame seed bun and smothering that in marinara sauce. The beast that will soon launch a thousand myocardial infarctions is nearly 10 inches across. According to Burger King’s website, this Godzilla-like creation is a full 2530 calories of juicy, juicy goodness with a mere 144 grams of fat. Compare that to the puling BK “Meat Beast” (yes, that’s its name), which is the next down on Burger King’s nutrition information list. It has a mere 910 calories and just 60 grams of fat. Next to the New York Pizza Burger, it’s practically a vegan treat .

CBS reports the New York Pizza Burger will be available next month in the 24/7 Whopper Bar in Times Square. Start camping out now.