China Doesn't Do Small: The 9-Day (and Counting) Traffic Jam

china trafficjam China Doesn't Do Small: The 9 Day (and Counting) Traffic JamCommuter headaches won’t improve until we have flying cars–and chances are they’ll just be deadlier–but sometimes it’s nice to salt your morning bowl of travel-related misery gruel with some perspective. It’s true that CBS New York is reporting “All three Manhattan-bound lanes” of the Brookly Bridge “will be closed every overnight until the year 2014”; yes, things keep catching fire and shutting down the Long Island Railroad; but seriously, it really could be worse. You could be trapped on the Beijing-Tibet Highway, where a single 62-mile long traffic jam is on its 10th day and counting. Drivers are sitting on the road and playing cards and buying over-priced food from residents of a nearby village. To even the most jaded American commuter it’s a portrait of pure hell on earth. And at least one estimate says the nightmare on National Highway 110 won’t be over until September 13.


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