Comedy Central Doubles Down on Memes

The Wrap reports that Comedy Central has given the go-ahead on a pilot in the style of The Soup that “focuses on the world of social networking.”

Dwaynebook will be hosted by Dwayne Perkins, a face you’d most likely recognize from stand-up segments on the various late-night shows. The announcement is not terribly surprising, as it follows news that Daniel Tosh, host of the viral-centric Tosh.0, is now the most popular personality on the network. Matt Schuler, Dwaynebook executive producer, said he wasn’t worried about any apparent similarities in the shows’ formats.

“It’s completely different than any other green-screen show that’s on TV, because it focuses specifically on social networking … I mean, Tosh.0 is basically about anything on the internet, Web Soup is basically about anything on the Internet, The Soup is basically what’s going on on TV. This just focuses on the world of social networking sites,” Schuler said.

To continue the trend of specificity, Comedy Central is soon expected to announce a new show dedicated exclusively to Twitter, and then another that japes all the latest news from Kanye West’s feed.