Conde Nast Hires Joe Simon to New Executive Tech Position

Conde Nast is all about the future these days! Scott Dadich is the Big Man on Campus at 4 Times Square. Bob Sauerberg is suddenly all powerful! Tom Wallace, the editorial director, has been telling us, emphatically, that digital magazines represent “the future.”

And today the company keeps taking its hard line to prove its getting it: They have created the position of Chief Technology Officer and they have hired Joe Simon from Viacom to do it. We don’t know a lot about Mr. Simon, but it’s been a while since Conde Nast hired an outsider for a big corporate position. Here’s the press release:

New York, N.Y., August 4, 2010 – Condé Nast has appointed Joe Simon as Chief Technology
Officer, it was announced today by Robert A. Sauerberg, Jr., President of Condé Nast. In this
new position, Mr. Simon will lead all digital and technology operations and focus on innovation
and the development of the next generation of digital products and services. Mr. Simon has been
Chief Technology Officer for Viacom, the global entertainment content company, where he led
all worldwide technology and operations for MTV Networks, BET Networks, and Paramount
Pictures. Mr. Simon will join Condé Nast, reporting to Mr. Sauerberg, effective August 16,
“Joe brings global experience, strong relationships with key tech partners, operational skills, and
experience enabling brand management, all of which will help Condé Nast achieve its strategic
goals,” said Mr. Sauerberg. “He is known throughout the media industry as a strong leader and
someone who works collaboratively to harness the power of technology for the overall success of
the businesses he supports.”
Mr. Simon’s responsibilities at Viacom included the management of information technology
systems for 58 networks in the US and 106 networks internationally, internet and mobile
application development for 418 websites, and oversight of new technology to build digital
businesses, innovate new functionality, and create production, content management and retail
distribution systems.
Prior to the separation of Viacom and CBS, Mr. Simon was also responsible for worldwide
technology for the CBS Network, CBS and Paramount television stations, Paramount television,
radio (Infinity, Westwood One, CBS Radio), Simon and Schuster, and Viacom Outdoor. Prior to
joining Viacom in 1998 as Senior Vice President for Information Technology Operations, he
spent nine years as a principal at Booz Allen Hamilton, focusing on the media sector. He also
worked at Reader’s Digest, and for various business conglomerates in India, where he received a
Masters of Business Administration.