Cuozzo to Malkin: That's Real 'Chutzpah,' Pal

empirestatebuilding echiner1 Cuozzo to Malkin: That's Real 'Chutzpah,' PalNew York Post Jack-of-all-trades Steve Cuozzo calls out Empire State Building owner Anthony Malkin in today’s paper for his tremendous “chutzpah” in trying to prevent a new skyscraper from obstructing his own tower’s extraordinary views. 

The dispute between Mr. Malkin and landlord Vornado—which is planning to build a skyscraper at 15 Penn Plaza—was first reported by our own Eliot Brown. Here’s Mr. Cuozzo taking Mr. Malkin to task:

The guys who won’t light up their landmark for Mother Teresa want a holy dispensation to prevent a new nearby skyscraper from cramping its style.

They’re seething because a new tower to be built by Vornado Realty Trust two blocks away will mess up views of, and from, the Empire State.

But there’s nothing sacrosanct about office workers’ window views.

Mr. Cuozzo’s screeds are always entertaining. Read the whole thing here.

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