Dems Jump Out Early In AG Race, Hit Donovan On Marriage Equality

The Democratic race for attorney general is in high gear (this morning alone Kathleen Rice was endorsed by a host of electeds in Queens and Eric Schneiderman nabbed Empire State Pride Agenda) but the state party is wasting no time in taking shots at the G.O.P. nominee, Dan Donvan.

Today’s missive comes in the wake of yesterday’s gay marriage ruling in California, and state chairman Jay Jacobs calls on Donovan to state whether he is for or against marriage equality.

“Sitting on the sidelines of what may be the defining civil rights issues of our time is no longer an option, not for Donovan or any Attorney General candidate, not after California showed how important a forward-thinking Attorney General can be in promoting marriage equality as a basic constitutional right,” Jacobs says.

The release notes the role an attorney general can have in the marriage equality question–In California, AG Jerry Brown filed an amicus brief arguing that a gay marriage ban was inconsistent with the state’s Constitution–and tries to tie Donovan to his mentor and former employer, former Staten Island borough president and G.O.P bigwig Guy Molinari.

In 1994, Molinari made a series of remarks about the attorney general that many construed to be anti-gay.

Says Jacobs, “Donovan needs to state publicly: does he take his cues on intolerance from his mentor and political patron Guy Molinari, or does he stand with principled New Yorkers – and now, thankfully, a federal court – who view marriage equality as a fundamental right?” 

Donovan has been noticeably quiet of late as Democrats seem content to knock each other silly. We have reached out to their office and will update their comments.




Dems Jump Out Early In AG Race, Hit Donovan On Marriage Equality